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【Brief】:Black Color
【Series】:RFID Cabinet Locker Locks

Features :



Touch Password Locker Lock, With Random Open Function.

Open Methods : Touch Password + RFID Card
User Capacity : 200 Card Users + 200 Password Users


Based on the different application purpose, this lock has 2 modes of use:
(1)Public Mode;  (2) Home Mode
Public mode is mainly for the business purpose: supermarket, sauna club, GYM, factory, office and etc. The user password or RFID tag can unlock only for one-time.
Home mode is mainly for the household purpose.


This lock has 2 modes of unlock to meet different user demands:
(1)Single Mode;  (2) Combination Mode
Single Mode: use RFID tag (or bracelet, ID card) or use Passwords to unlock.
Combination Mode: use Passwords + RFID tag (or bracelet, ID card) to unlock.
NOTE: Password Digit Limitation: 4~15 digits.



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