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SS-601G Waterproof Hotel Lock
【Brief】:Gold Color
【Series】:Hotel Card Locks

Waterproof Hotel Lock


Superior Benifits :

We can seal lock PCB and offer rubber gasket to make it waterpoof for external door use.

Stainless Steel 304 material for panels, handles; self-error detective, very durable and attractive.

Warranty is 2 years

 Can work with new developed wireless online iMaid System to enable hotels to have real time rooms' status,

To check if guest is in room or out and how much time he stays, To get fast response from guests if DND and CLEAN is requested.

 Can realize " One Card System ", Wall Reader is available to be integrated with hotel elevator,

     parking barrier system, common doors, swimming poor doors, restaurant doors, POS...etc.

CE, FCC certified

Adopt Japan MABUCHI micro-motors which ensure 500,000 running times without problems.

RFID Mifare PHILIPS technology, 100,000 times write life for keycard, contactless reading keycard.

ANSI mortise

Free-rotating while locked

Powered by 4 units of AA batteries, easy replacement.

Openings 20,000 times for one new battery pack.

Mifare card and RF card versions are available.

 Low Battery Voltage warning ( beep and red light ).

 Meeting passage mode is actived by passage card for meeting case.

 3 public passage modes : Hotel Passage, Building Passage and Floor Passage.

 Do not disturb ( D.N.D )function is available : while thumb turn is on from inside, the lock will refuse keycard from outside by red light blinking.

 Panic release function : the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle pressing to easy egress when emergency happens.

 For 35-75mm thickness doors


Card Useage: 

 Guest Card : Issued from reception to open its own room with expiration date.

Master Card : Hold by management or GM or Manager to access all rooms of hotel( even locked by deadbolt ).

 Floor Card : Hold by clean staff to enter the rooms in one floor.

Building Card : Hold by Manager to enter the rooms in one building.

Lost Card : To suspend the lost guest cards.

Emergency Card : Enter all rooms when emergency happens, and the rooms will stay open.

 Group Card : Can open all rooms you selected in one Group. random rooms.


Specifications :

Model : SS-601G

Power : AA battery x 4pcs

 Lower power alarm voltage : 4.8V ( still able to open about 100 times )

 Card : RF ( 125KHz ) and Mifare ( 13.56MHz ) Cards are available.

Inductive Distance : 2-5 CM

Working Temperature : -30℃60℃

Working Humidity : 15~85% RH

Static current : < 10uA

Working current : < 150mA

Gross Weight : 3.2 KGS

 Package : 6 Locks / box , 61.5x36.5x32 CBM / carton.

Open mode : Card and Mechanical keys.

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